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Different farms finely furnished and located in beautiful positions constitute the de Luca - Felli's estate. The estate has been the property of our family for 2 centuries.

The property is set in 250 acres of peaceful Sabinian countryside (Monteleone Sabino) with vineyards and olive plantations, we are just 45 minutes north of Rome and only minutes away from many interesting Roman archaeological sites and suggestive medieval towns rich in art and folklore such as Rocca Sinibalda, Collato, Nerola, Orvinio and Abbey of Farfa (VIth century).

The most important farm is Colle Foro once council of the ancient Trebula Mutusca (now Monteleone Sabino) opposite to the stunning Romanic church of Santa Vittoria. This little church was built between the end of the XIth and the beginning if the XIIth century with the remains of a Roman temple.

Since the time of ancient Rome, Trebula Mutusca (now Montleone Sabino) produced an olive oil so excellent to be sung Vergil in his Aeneid:

Una ingens Amiterna cohors priscique Quirites
(710) Ereti manus omnis Oliviferaeque Mutuscae

Our guests can enjoy the wonderful landscape on foot, by horse or by mountainbike. Lago del Turano lake offers great opportunities for those guests found of water sports while Monte Terminillo (Appennini) can be the joy for those who prefer skiing.

Colle Foro, dove sorgeva il foro di Trebula Mutuesca

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